Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Protei species, Martijn & Stijn

We already introduced our idea of seeing Protei boats as a species in the midterm presentation. (A video can be found below) As mentioned in the presentation we chose to design the genes of the boat, that will make it possible to function in the group. This design will be in the form of a pilot, using input from sensors to navigate and operate the boat. Having a standard ‘brain’ for Protei boats that comes in a kit with sensors improves functionality an compatibility of homemade boats.

But organisms are more than genes (software) and a brain (core computer). Vital organs are of equal importance to ensure quality and sustainability of life for the Protei species. We believe that problems like bad maneuverability can be reduced by adding innovative organs (plug & play boat parts) to the kit. Expert assured us that it is impossible to address all problems properly within our limited time span, therefore we have to make choices.

This week we are finishing the pilot/brain prototype to be tested next week. Several different sample boats are being built at this very moment to test the pilot in different settings. The plan is to start concretizing the first ‘organ’ after this test. An example of a possible ‘organ’ is a interactive counter weight that makes it possible to get more energy from the sail and still lay flat in case of storm.

Here are some sneak peeks on one of the hulls we are building;

This is a versatile hull that supports adjusting the place of the mast and keel. The boat will be controlled by the protei pilot. Instructable and more elaborate descriptions will follow next week!

Thank you for reading,

Martijn & Stijn

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