Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skype Meeting with Piem Wirtz

At 16:00 on Monday, we had our first meeting with one of the members of the Protei team. It was a fruitful session which has given us a clear view on what to do and what Protei expects from us. Important points are written below.

Getting contact with the community

There will be a weekly skype-meeting with the core members of the community on Monday at 16:00. We are free to tune in and chat along, or just monitor what’s been said in order to know the progress of Protei.

Interesting Points

- How do you remote control a Protei from behind your desk?
- Lots of practical questions about the prototype aren’t answered yet.
- Increasing the joy-factor of the end-user controlling a Protei (for PR-reasons.)
- Cesar currently lives in London. He’s the master brain behind it all. -> Contact him?
- Protei Headquarters are currently being build in Norway.
- There are tips & tricks and do’s & don’ts written in the manuals of the prototypes.


Everyone builds on his own version of a 1-meter-sized boat, accompanied with his own iterations on their concepts. On the 17th of May, there will be a festival organized by V2: The DEAF-festival (Dutch Electronic Art Festival). Protei will be there, and so should we.

Everything is open source, so is our collaboration with Protei. It is therefore mandatory that everything we produce is openly available for the Protei community.

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